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The Marshall Volunteer Program, ran by current Marshall student and member of St. Peter's, Sequoia Ware, is a program apart of St. Peter's Outreach that invites students as Marshall falls in the distribution areas. The Marshall Volunteer Program is made to help students find their place volunteering within the outreach program, while also working around their class schedules, and meeting new people.



St. Peter's Lot of Love garden project finally broke ground March 2021. St. Peter's Episcopal Outreach partners with Huntington Addiction and Wellness Center to focus on the future of an incredible community project. It's time to get a team of volunteers together to help get the garden started and maintained. Are you in?


We now have a team of volunteers certified to train individuals and groups on how to administer Naloxone (Narcan) and distribute it. It is our goal to get this life saving drug in more hands in our area. We would love to help volunteer groups and businesses trained and be equipped with Naloxone. If you would like to be equipped with Narcan, please contact our team.

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Blessing Box

Our Blessing Box sits out front of our Outreach house, facing Washington Ave. We have volunteers who are dedicated to keeping the blessing box stocked with our supplies in the HQ inventory. If you'd like to donate to the inventory, send nonperishable food donations, or get information on our blessing box, please contact.

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Information on Naloxone put out by the CDC.

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